Monday, September 27, 2010

You Gotta Go Through It

Today was a heat wave! I don’t know what the high was in San Diego, but it was above 100 degrees. It got so hot.  I was dripping just sitting in my chair in the lecture tent.  I checked the temp and it read 110 in the tent...  We had a break 2 hours in and the hotel staff was kind enough to bring us a bunch of bottles of water, fresh fruit and granola bars. Dana and I stood and talked to a lady from the management while we ate.  She said the yoga tent was already at 115 and they hadn’t even turned the heat on yet.  So needless to say, tonight’s class was HOT.  They hottest class I have ever been in.  I was telling a girl outside that at home when it’s in the 90’s I wouldn’t go to yoga if I missed the early class.  But here, there is no way around the heat unless I want to make it up Saturday following our already mandatory class, which I DO NOT.  So I went to class and barely made it.  I had my electrolyte drink in my insulated cup to get me through.  I was good until about 40 minutes in, then my vision was fading and my legs were super tingly.  I had to sit down; clearly I was dehydrated.  I mean we had only been sweating literally all day… so I sat and guzzled my drink.  I gave myself about 10 minutes then I was good.  I was so grateful because people were struggling, down and out.  I somehow got a second wind in there and made it through.  I’m glad I was able to accomplish that class, and I feel stronger because I did, but I hope we NEVER have another day like today (Even though I know 120 degrees in the yoga tent happens frequently)! It was just too hot for too long today. Hopefully it cools off for tomorrow! 

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  1. Wow. That sounds so intense! I heard it's supposed to be dramatically cooler tomorrow--I'll wish for the weather report to be on-target!

    Take care and hydrate well!